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Hand made cutting boards elevating your kitchen while saving your knives and counter tops since 2019

Why you need a wicked Woodworking signature board

The kitchen is the heart of most homes. Its where food is created and served which is the very life of any family. But when preparing your food if you don't have a nice cutting surface to chop and cut your ingredients you can cost yourself hundreds or even thousands in damaged countertops, knives, or dishware.

How Wicked Woodworking can help you

cutting on plastic cutting boards doesn't only leave deep gouges in the board but also dullens your knives with every cut by switching to a wooden cutting board the wood absorbs the knife and helps preserve your knife edges much longer than any glass, granite, or plastic board will. They can also bring any kitchen to life with unique grain and patterns in each hardwood board crafted.


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Palmer MA 01069


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